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I won!

THANK you to the voters of Cambridge for re-electing me. I am honored to have topped the ticket. I look forward to working with the other elected members, Manikka Bowman, Emily Dexter, Fred Fantini, Kathleen Kelly, and Laurence Kimbrough.

And heartening news is that turnout in Cambridge was up significantly - by more than 20% in both City Council and School Committee elections.

I am excited about the upcoming term and ask that you hold me and all of us accountable for promises made.

I want to thank all volunteers who helped me, especially Trish Marti and David Rabkin, without whom I could not have run, much less win.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my website. I am thrilled to be on School Committee and a force for positive change. I have worked collaboratively and effectively focused unwaveringly on one goal: Cambridge as the best school district in the state.

Earlier this year I asked myself to be honest. Am I making a positive difference and are my perspective and skill set important for the Cambridge School Committee and district? The answer was a clear YES so I am running for re-election. I ask for your # 1 vote and support this year.
Please sign up to help— or call me, 617-661-0729.


Patty Nolan family photo
Patty with husband David Rabkin,
her children Joshua & Alexis (both at CRLS)

I reach out to people across all sorts of divides and have had substantive positive impact in a number of areas. Some areas of leadership:
  • Consistent focus on accountability and the need for community involvement
  • Unwavering focus on asking how the Innovation Agenda (district restructuring) implementation was meeting or not meeting expectations, and a plan to address the lapses
  • More transparency in all areas especially our budget — so we know where our dollars go and how they are spent
  • Success in having more attention paid to raising levels of instruction in math for all
  • Environmental stewardship and action

To achieve our goals we need leaders to take a stand and work together. I do both. I push for answers to difficult questions and take tough votes. Our district has pockets of excellence, not excellence across the board. We have had a year with ups and downs as the restructuring unfolded and we need someone like me who takes on the issues as they arise and pushes for resolution with respect for the community. We can do better. I am proud of working with my colleagues on a range of issues. I have kept my promise to hold us accountable. I will keep pushing until ALL students are challenged and supported.

  Please help me with your # 1 vote.
  Ask your networks and friends to vote # 1 for me on November 7.
  Host the season's most creative purple yard sign


Patty Nolan

. . . Always focused on high standards for ALL students
. . . Never afraid to ask tough questions or take tough votes
. . . Always working towards a shared goal of the best school district in the country

Watch Patty talk about the issues in this 2017 video, thanks to CCTV.

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