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People across the city from a range of backgrounds have endorsed Patty (partial list).
They know she is an asset to the School Committee and deserves your # 1 vote on November 7.

"Patty Nolan has always impressed me with her commitment to improving schools in Cambridge, her lively intellect, and her collaborative spirit. Her insistence on including the whole community in discussions leads to better policy-making. And her willingness to take on tough issues and take action, even when it costs her politically, makes her a true leader."

Rep. Jon Hecht

"My wife and I moved to Cambridge for the rare combination of diversity, commitment to education, and the resources to become a model for other districts. Patty has proven to be the most important force on the School Committee for making good on this promise."

Robert Cowherd
CRLS Parent, Math Tutor, and Architectural Historian

"Patty Nolan combines a commitment to making the American Dream available to every child with a truckload of common sense and knowledge about what works and what doesn't. She also works hard and brings ideas and research from outside the district into policy discussions."

Christopher Jencks
Cambridge resident & Malcolm Wiener Professor of Social Policy
Harvard Kennedy School (for identification purposes)

"Patty Nolan does more homework for School Committee than a high school student taking 3 AP classes. She doesn't toe the party line: she demands evidence that academic interventions will work before she votes them in. Patty genuinely cares about all children in Cambridge- those who struggle, those who excel, and everyone in-between. And her record shows it."

Shannon Larkin,
CPS and St. Peter's parent

"Patty needs to stay on the school committee because she can be a pain in the patootie when she wants to! She has terrific ethics and sticks to her beliefs, even if it makes some of her opinions unpopular. WE NEED HER!!!!! Plus, she's wicked smaht and knows a lot about finances, which is important when budgets roll around. She has a lot of common sense."

Liz Lyster, CPS parent

"I met Patty before either of us had children, when we volunteered together on the Board of Cambridge School Volunteers. Since then, she has gone on to serve the community in a number of ways, focusing her School Committee work on raising the standards for all students. In making the difficult decision to transfer out of the public schools, Patty understood our decision without blaming us - and is working hard on the issues that lead many people to opt out. As an involved community member and parent, I know how lucky we are to have her on School Committee."

Anna Eckert Byrne
Attorney and parent

"Patty works with her whole heart and all her experience to get the very best outcomes for all school kids."

Audrey Schulman
proud mom of two middle school kids in CPS

"One of the most impressive things about Patty is the amount of knowledge, and the quality of the analysis, that she brings to every issue. Another is her expectation that everyone responsible for leading our school system will approach issues the same way. Patty believes that leaders should hold themselves to standards of excellence and be accountable for results. "It is a perplexing fact about Cambridge — where we pride ourselves on a robust civic culture — that a willingness to sometimes criticize leaders or an insistence on openness, transparency and rigorous analysis of data can get one labeled a "naysayer." I have never understood it when people have so labeled Patty, for to me her insistence on candor and rigor as indispensable conditions for sound policymaking expresses an inspiring combination of realism and faith in the possibility of genuine progress."

Dan Penrice
CPS parent

"I support Patty Nolan and appreciate her leadership on all issues. I especially appreciate her strong and steadfast advocacy on behalf of immersion programs in Cambridge."
Jane Chiang
CPS parent

"Patty Nolan has stood up for excellent education and is willing to challenge conventional thinking - her stance on charters is nuanced, as mine is. Her stance on testing is also nuanced - she believes in limits to standardized tests and also understands the need for accountability and some measure of meeting benchmarks so high school graduates donít find themselves having to take remedial classes in college."

Marty Walz
former state rep, and Mass. Planned Parenthood CEO, currently Chair of the Advisory Council, Massachusetts Chapter of Democrats for Education Reform

"Patty's work on the School Committee has been comprehensive, data-driven, and meticulous. She listens to parents and students, and spearheads issues that matter to them, such as keeping or abolishing class-rank at the high school and investigating why our students perform less well than students in some other districts with comparable school budgets. Patty is interested in inclusion: she makes sure that all stake-holders are included in discussions. And as a parent of a child who attended a private elementary school, I have appreciated her efforts to expand high-school outreach efforts to private school families, through better advertising and open-house scheduling. She is also not afraid to confront hard questions, working with the School Council to bring in films on topical issues like Race to Nowhere and Freedom Writers."

Janet Randall
mother of Noa Randall, alumna of Cambridge Friends School and Shady Hill School and current member of CRLS class of 2014

"Patty Nolan stands out from all other School Committee candidates for her rigor, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness. She is a forceful advocate for good education and for environmental responsibility. As both a resident and elected official, she has walked the talk of addressing the climate emergency. Patty pushes for good education for our young people, and she works to build them a safe, healthy future. She deserves the #1 vote of all Cambridge environmentalists."

Sue Butler
Resident, working to be owner of first net zero emissions buildings in Cambridge

"The school system is a very dynamic entity consisting of students, teachers, and administrators. Many issues arise on a daily basis, and a good healthy school system should be equipped to address those in an effective manner, ensuring no student is left behind. Upon encountering an issue in one of my daughter's classes, I turned to Patty for advice -- appealing to her as a mother, a neighbor, as someone who understands the CPS well, and as a School Committee Member. Patty immediately grasped the gravity of the problem and was responsive with suggestions of appropriate language, several channels, and an initial plan of action. This was outlined to me via e-mail and she also followed up with a call. Such a combination of understanding, competence, knowledge, insight, and immediate responsiveness clearly sets Patty apart in her leadership style and dedication to our school community."

Nadia Shalaby

"Patty Nolan combines an attainable and realistic vision of the schools with a detailed understanding of how the school administration works, and is the only candidate able to identify and articulate the practical steps needed to achieve her goals. She also respects and recognizes the validity of opposing viewpoints — and not just the opinions of her friends and supporters. All the candidates have a vision, but not many make sense and hardly anyone knows how to implement their ideas. Unlike the others, Patty has the smarts and know-how of a do-er."

H. Chang

"Patty has been independent, thoughtful, and cooperative. That says it all."

Lynne Molnar, non-profit consultant & parent

"Patty works hard to dig into the facts and get things done rather than score political points. We need more of that."

Phineas Baxandall

"Patty is a dedicated, fair, and just leader. She shows deep concern for the education of all children and knows all are capable of high achievement. I wholeheartedly support her."

Bunmi Matory, former parent

"Patty consistently advocates for all kids and for democratic participation. She's an effective member who identifies key issues and works with others on them. We need Patty to stay on School Committee."

Michele Sprengnether, scientist, activist, parent

"One thing I love about Patty is she openly acknowledges the strengths and the weaknesses of our district. She's earning every penny of her salary with her sincerity, commitment, intellectual honesty, openness and a willingness to listen.

Phyllis Baumann, law professor, activist, resident

Join these engaged Cantabrigians who endorsed Patty for the 2015 School Committee election
Joan Abrams
Liz Adams
Andy Adler
Lawrence Adkins
Rosi & Brian Amador
Barbara Daley Aube
Sara Andrade
Janet Axelrod
Bill August
Barbara S. Baker
Dan Bartley
David Bass
Phyllis & Harvey Baumann
Phineas Baxandall
Lyza Bayard
Ric Bayly
Nell Beram
Nadine Berenguier
Pamela Blau
Leslie Bliss
Sarah Block
Abigail Lewis Bowen
Diane Brancazio
Ulrika Brand
Bari Brodsky
Barbara Broussard
Gloribel Buruca
Leslie Brunetta
Sue Butler
Lynn Cadwallader
Linda Callahan
Doreen & Rob Carney
Linda Caswell
H. Chang
Larry Child
Sam Christy
Julie Croston
James & Nancy Daley
John DeLancey
Jan Devereux
Leslie DiTrani
Janet Domenitz
Brian & Deb Downes
Kim Ducharme
Deann Elliott
Debra Emery
Ray & Donna Erikson
Abby Fechtman
Doug Feinburg
Gordon Fellman
Theo Forbath
Anne Summerscale Fried
Laurie Friedman
Helen Glikman
Mark Golberg
James Gray
Karen Greenleaf
Nick Gross
Wyliena Guan
Sue Hall
Alice Heller
Lissa & Mel Hodder
Heather Hoffman
Elaine Hsieh
Eric Ingersoll
Mary Jablokow
Amani El Jack
Kalpana Jain
Mark Jaquith
Kristine Jelstrup
Christopher Jencks
Janie Katz
Jeehye Kim
Joe Klompus
Rozann Kraus
Shannon Larkin
Yanina Livingston
Kai Long
Lisa Lovett
Caroline Lowenthal
Joy Lucas
Eric Luden
Melissa Ludtke
Jane Mansbridge
Trish Marti
Cheyenne McCarter
Lois McCloskey
Charlie McDermott
Lisa McManus
Marjorie Meadow
Lisa Monrose
Judy Mortner
Kim Motylewski
Jen Nahas
Joanne Nicklaus
Joshua Nolan
Katherine Oh
Bertha Pantoja
Catherine Park
Suzanne Pearce
Dan Penrice
Leonor Perez
Tim Plenk
Adriana Prat
Carla Procasky
Linda Rabieh
Janet Randall
Kathy & Marion Reine
Alison Roberts
Christopher Robinson
Laurie Rothstein
Chris Roof
Neil Rosenburg
Julie Rueben
Audrey Schulman
Daniel Serfaty
Nadia Shalaby
Gayle Sherman
Martha Eddison Sieniewicz
Mark Simmons
Carolyn Shipley
David Slavitt
Sybylla Smith
Heidi Sokol
Eileen Span
Bliss Austin Spooner
Michelle Sprengnether
Amy Stein
Reva Stein
Alan Steinert
Jason Taylor
Romana Vysatova
Julie & Jay Wasserman
Mary Waters
Belinda Watt
Laverne Wilkerson
Suzanne WolpowGill
Rachel Wyon
Jay Yesselman
Pu Zhang
Nick Zervas